2013 Exhibitor Advisory Committee

  • Carl Hammer
  • Tim Hill
  • Amy Finkel
  • Frank Maresca
  • Samuel Herrup
2:00 pm  Lecture Hall 
A Kind of Archeology: Collecting Folk art in America 1876-1976
Elizabeth Stillinger, independent American decorative ar.. More 

1:00 pm  Lecture Hall 
Collecting Folk Art in America: How it Began, Who Began It, and Why
There wasn’t just one—but several—moti.. More 

RED Writing
Slow Art

The Venice Biennale is arguably the art world's ultimate insider platform - expected to attract 300,000 visitors this year alone and offering attendees thirty permanent national pavilions.    More

METRO Curates: Depth and Focus
The 2014 METRO Show will have a refined focus dubbed METRO Curates, in which each participating exhibitor must present a one person and/or themed show, articulating a specific point of view and highlighting their specialty.    More