Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Since 1997, Pavel Zoubok Gallery has exhibited the work of contemporary and modern artists with a particular focus in the field of collage, assemblage and mixed media installation. From the outset, the gallery’s program has combined modern and contemporary works in an effort to create a cohesive art historical and commercial context for collage and its related forms, spanning most of the major art movements of the postwar period. While the primary market has always been the driving force of our program, represented by a diverse group of gallery artists, we have always maintained an inventory of works by important proponents of the medium, including Hannelore Baron, Joe Brainard, Joseph Cornell, Al Hansen, Ray Johnson, Jiří Kolář, Robert Motherwell, Mimmo Rotella, Anne Ryan, Jacques Villeglé and David Wojnarowicz.
531 West 26th Street
New York NY, 10001
p: 212.675.7490
Pavel Zoubok, Director & Owner
Steve Weintraub, Associate Director
Trey Hollis, Gallery Assistant
Robert Courtright
Matthew Cusick
Vanessa German
Don Joint
Kühne / Klein
Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt
Lisa Nilsson
Javier Piñon
David Poppie
Mac Premo
Raven Schlossberg
Donna Sharrett
Al Souza
Maritta Tapanainen
Mark Wagner

Sarah Austin (1935-1994)
Barton Lidicé Beneš (1942-2012)
Buster Cleveland (1943-1998)
George Deem (1932-2008)
John Evans (1932-2012)
Addie Herder (1920-2009)
Clinton Hill (1922-2003)
Jerry Jofen (1925-1993)
Salvatore Meo (1914-2004)
May Wilson (1905-1986)

Fire & Rain, 2011
Fabric, neckties, willow branches, jewelry, roses, handmade rose beads, guitar strings, hair, black sand, buttons & thread
36 x 36 inches

DONNA SHARRETT - Nothing Else Matters, 2012  Clothing, jewelry, roses, found needlework, guitar strings, buttons, beads & thread  36 x 36 in.VANESSA GERMAN - American Story - The Reckoner, 2012  Mixed media assemblage  41 x 20 x 10 in.ILSE GETZ - Blue Tower, 1979  Mixed-media construction  21 x 15 in.