2015 Metro Show Dialogues

Dialogues will take place Friday, January 23 and Saturday, January 24 in the 4th Floor Lecture Hall at the Metropolitan Pavilion. 


Organized by Randall Morris, Cavin-Morris Gallery

The DIALOGUES educational series is proceeding under the theme dubbed “Collecticism.” Organized by Randall Morris of the Cavin Morris Gallery, this year’s program focuses on the way that institutions, curators, private collectors and dealers search out and choose works of art, especially those collections that cross genres. Says Mr. Morris, “Eclectic choices in collecting are how much of the post-Venice Biennale art world is proceeding these days, with art and design merging on a global level and incorporating mainstream and non-mainstream categories including: ceramics, textiles, wood, folk art, art brut as well as contemporary art. Contemporary art itself now embraces art brut through conceptual.”

Booth Events

Events held in each exhibitor's booth throughout the fair.
RED Writing

We are very pleased to announce that two Pratt  lounges will be featured at this year's METRO Show. The lounges were designed by a team of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Interior Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, which is committed to social and environmental responsibility.   More

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