2014 Metro Show Dialogues

Dialogues will take place Friday, January 24 and Saturday, January 25 in the 4th Floor Lecture Hall at the Metropolitan Pavilion. 


Organized by Randall Morris, Cavin-Morris Gallery

The 2014 DIALOGUES educational series is proceeding under the theme dubbed “Collecticism.” Organized by Randall Morris of the Cavin Morris Gallery, this year’s program focuses on the way that institutions, curators, private collectors and dealers search out and choose works of art, especially those collections that cross genres. Says Mr. Morris, “Eclectic choices in collecting are how much of the post-Venice Biennale art world is proceeding these days, with art and design merging on a global level and incorporating mainstream and non-mainstream categories including: ceramics, textiles, wood, folk art, art brut as well as contemporary art. Contemporary art itself now embraces art brut through conceptual.”


Opening Remarks by Randall Morris

Introduction     9:45      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Self-taught Artists and the Mainstream Museum: Hampton, Hemphill and the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Lecture     10 am      4th Floor Lecture Hall

This lecture will focus on the strategies and methodologies of a major American museum collecting and displaying work that ranges from historic Americana to contemporary work.

Leslie Umberger, curator of folk and self-taught art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Photo: Latitudes | www.lttds.org

Life After Venice

Panel Discussion     11:30 AM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Panelists: Massimiliano Gioni, director of the 55th Venice Biennale and curator of the international exhibition "The Encyclopedic Palace", associate director of the New Museum in New York and the artistic director of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation in Milan; Leslie Umberger, curator of folk and self-taught art, Smithsonian American Art Museum; Lynne Cooke, chief curator, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; Valerie Rousseau, curator of 20th Century and contemporary art, American Folk Art Museum; Randall Morris, Cavin-Morris Gallery and Cara Zimmerman, project assistant curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art

A panel exploring the implications of the very important 55th Venice Biennale, in particular the “Encyclopedic Palace” pavilion curated by Massimiliano Gioni, which combined self-taught and contemporary art– with no boundaries or borders between them. This democratic and insightful mixing of the two could have profound implications for the field. As Roberta Smith recently stated - outsider art has come in from the cold.

The Artist as Collector

Lecture     1:30 PM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Mike Noland is a well-known contemporary painter who has collected art for many years. He is represented by the American Primitive Gallery in New York City. His lecture will explore the artist as collector, using images from his much-lauded collection of contemporary, folk and self-taught artists.

Mike Noland, artist/collector

Private Collecting to Public Collection

Lecture     2:45 PM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Collectors are, very often, the link between great artworks and public institutions. While some museums and departments have purchased portions of their holdings, others have been formed solely through donation. The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collection of outsider and self-taught art exists because of generous private donors. In providing works and—in the case of Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz—entire collections, individuals have formed what is now one of the largest public collections of self-taught and vernacular art in the United States. This lecture addresses the important role private collectors play in forming public collections, and considers how the taste of individual collectors and donors has shaped how Philadelphia sees "outsider art."

Cara Zimmerman, project assistant curator at Philadelphia Museum of Art, contributor to and author of "Great and Mighty Things: Outsider Art from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection


Introduction to Saturday: Randall Morris with a few words on Collecting

Introduction     9:45 AM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Power Objects and The Rise of Anonymous

Lecture     10 AM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

John Foster will discuss his 30-year search for objects of art that mainstream art museums have largely ignored. From the genres of folk art to self-taught art, to anonymous objects he describes as having "power and mystery," Foster will present images from his collection as well as those of others whose objects he co-curated with Roger Manley in the 2012 exhibition "Art Without Artists," at NC State University. Additionally, he is one of the top collectors of the emerging genre called vernacular photography, or "orphaned anonymous snapshots" that, with Foster's eye, verge on the extraordinary. It was with this particular collection in mind that Art & Antiques magazine included Foster in its list of the “Top One-Hundred Art Collectors in the United States" in 2005.

John Foster, independent curator and collector

Anonymous Photo, B&W, c. 1955, © collection of John Foster

Vernacular Photography

Panel Discussion     11:30 AM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Collector and independent curator John Foster will lead a conversation that will focus on the new recognition in the art world given to photography from anonymous sources.  Joining him will be Brian Wallis, Curator of Photography at the International Center of Photography; Daile Kaplan, Vice President and Director of Photographs & Photobooks at Swann Galleries; and David Winter, Director of Winter Works on Paper and collector.

Mixing it up: Curating without Borders

Lecture     1:30 PM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Patterson will speak about his experiences collecting and co-curating with Roger Manley on the exhibition Farfetched: Mad Science, Fringe Architecture and Visionary Engineering at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design, North Carolina State University.   This exhibition mixed all genres of art in a fascinating juxtaposition of art and science.  He will give a focus as well to artists Emery Blagdon and Charles A.A. Dellschau.

Tom Patterson, art critic and independent curator

Bill Traylor - Coal into Diamonds

Screening & Lecture     3 PM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Jeff Wolf, who directed James Castle: Portrait of the Artist, a well-received and important documentary film, will present a trailer of and discuss his upcoming film on the artist Bill Traylor.

The South Bill Traylor was born into was shaped by enormous pressure from opposing directions: The increasing restrictions of white society and the expanding aspirations of black citizens. Because of and in spite of these forces a unique African American culture was born. Bill Traylor was there, observing and chronicling the birth of this new world.

Jeff Wolf, Filmmaker

Who, Why and When: A Personal Look at Our Gallery's Artist Selection Process

Lecture     4 PM      4th Floor Lecture Hall

Roger Ricco, co- founder and owner of Ricco/ Maresca Gallery and co- author of a number of now classic books on the field of self-taught and outsider art will describe the wholly intuitive manner in which he personally–and in due course his gallery–selects and chooses to represent many contemporary artists,  whether self-taught  or emerging career artists. His talk will present abundant visuals of works by artists they are currently representing.

Roger Ricco is also known for his personal art career working in both photography and painting in the U.S. He is the recipient of the prestigious Prix d' Rome in painting from the American Academy in Rome. He also speaks widely on the subject of the creative process of people on the autism/Aspergers spectrum.  Examples of some of these artists’ works will also be discussed.

Roger Ricco, RIcco/Maresca Gallery

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Events held in each exhibitor's booth throughout the fair.
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We are very pleased to announce that two Pratt  lounges will be featured at this year's METRO Show. The lounges were designed by a team of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Interior Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, which is committed to social and environmental responsibility.   More

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