The Metro Show Mixes It Up, With The Best Of Outsider, Art Brut, and Self-Taught!

The Metro Show, January 24-27, 2013

The Metro Show’s Innovative Mix Will Include Outstanding Works By Outsider, Art Brut & Self-Taught Artists, Presented By The Preeminent Galleries In The Field

Metropolitan Pavilion, New York City

  Martin Ramirez

Martin Ramirez

Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York, NY
Founded in 1979, Ricco/Maresca Gallery has long championed and showcased the art of self-taught masters working outside the art-historical mainstream such as William Edmondson, Sam Doyle, Martin Ramirez, Dan Miller, Bill Traylor and Judith Scott. The gallery focuses both on significant contemporary art in various media and on historically important American art of the 20th century.

Henry Darger  

Henry Darger
Carl Hammer Gallery


Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL
For over thirty years, this gallery has been one of the primary international pioneers discovering, exhibiting, and contributing to the scholarship and connoisseurship of outsider art. This, in turn, has helped lead to the incorporation of outsider art into the contemporary art mainstream. Gallery artists include Henry Darger, William Dawson, Howard Finster, William Edmondson, Lee Godie and Mr. Imagination.

Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI
For 30 years Hill Gallery has featured works by 20th century and contemporary masters such as Milton Avery, Michael Helzer, Alec Soth, Alfred Leslie, Mark DiSuvero, Cy Twombly, Donald Sultan, Alice Aycock and David Smith. In addition, the gallery has continuously offered exceptional examples of American folk art, and works by self-taught artists such as Bill Traylor. The gallery also shows an eclectic selection of tribal art, textiles from all over the world, as well as contemporary ceramics.

Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, NY
Cavin-Morris Gallery has exhibited world artists for 27 years. The gallery specializes in works by self-taught artists like Chelo Amezcua, Emery Blagdon, Sam Doyle, Bessie Harvey, Lubos Plny and JB Murray. Additionally, the gallery shows an eclectic selection of tribal art, textiles from all over the world and contemporary ceramics.

Gayleen Aiken  

Gayleen Aiken
Luise Ross Gallery


Luise Ross Gallery, New York, NY
Luise Ross specializes in the work of self-taught artists from North America and Europe and exhibits some of the greats in the field such as Bill Traylor, Minnie Evans, Carlo Zinelli, Gayleen Aiken, and Oskar Jonsson.

  A.G. Rizzoli

A.G. Rizzoli
The Ames Gallery

  Charles Dellschau

Charles Dellschau
Stephen Romano

The Ames Gallery, Berkeley, CA
Established in 1970, The Ames Gallery deals in art works by contemporary, art brut, self-taught, and outsider artists including: Eddie Arning, Ted Gordon, Dwight Mackintosh, A.G. Rizzoli, Jon Serl and Alex Maldonado. In addition, the gallery deals in early handmade Americana and folk art.

E. Andolsek  

E. Andolsek
Just Folk


Just Folk, Summerland, CA
Founded by Susan Baerwald and Marcy Carsey, Just Folk has an extensive inventory of folk art and outsider art by Bill Traylor, Sam Doyle, Clementine Hunter, Chris Murray, E. Andolsek, Jesse Aaron and Elijah Pierce, among others.

Stephen Romano, Brooklyn, NY
Stephen Romano, a private dealer living in Brooklyn, has many years of experience in the field of outsider and self-taught art. He will be exhibiting previously unseen works by Charles Dellschau in association with the release of the first ever monograph on the artist by Marquand books and D.A.P. Art books, which will feature contributions by Thomas McEvilley, James Brett, Randall Morris, Thomas Croutch, Barbara Safarova and Roger Cardinal.

METRO Dialogues is the fair’s educational series, which seeks to educate the public about the diverse material at the fair. Topics offered on outsider, art brut and self-taught artists include:

Lubos Plny

Lubos Plny
ABCD Collection


Lubos Plny: Infinite Circulation
A lecture by Barbara Safarova, professor of aesthetics at Collège International de Philosophie, Paris and president, ABCD (art brut connaissance & diffusion), Paris examining the assemblages by the Czech artist.

Crossover: At the Intersection of Art Brut and Contemporary Art
A panel discussion with Barbara Safarova (ABCD, art brut connaissance & diffusion), Christian Berst (Galerie Christian Berst), Randall Morris (Cavin-Morris Gallery) and Jane Kallir (Galerie St. Etienne), concerning the ethical questions that surface when work by art brut artists is presented in a contemporary art context.

  Dan Miller

Dan Miller
Galerie Christian Berst

Melvin Way and Dan Miller
A lecture by Christian Berst (Galerie Christian Berst) exploring the work of outsider artists Melvin Way and Dan Miller.

METRO Walking Tour
A walking tour of the METRO Show with Cara Zimmerman of the Foundation for Self Taught Artists.