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More is More

Caroline Kerrigan Lerch - Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Michael Eastman - Barry Friedman Ltd.This photograph by Michael Eastman of a Havana interior (Barry Friedman Ltd) is just as one might imagine this decaying, magical place - saturated colors amidst faded opulence or, more poetically put (from a gallery description), “where triumphant past and vanquished present collide.” Eastman’s long-awaited, recently published book Havana documents the city over the past two decades.

Wendell Castle - Barry Friedman Ltd.Friedman will also show work by Wendell Castle, the “founding father of American furniture art,” who was the first to unify sculptural forms with functional furniture. His work influenced generations of artists and designers and helped the general public appreciate design as a relevant art form. This piece, titled “More is More” could be a chair attached to a small table surface – or simply a playful three-legged, creature-like form.

This intriguing piece by Charissa Brock, courtesy Cavin-Morris Gallery, resembles a beautiful collar or necklace but its power lies in Brock’s selection of materials – cobalt, which has traditionally symbolized mystery; and glass and bamboo, which have ancient meanings. Brock is one of the few non-Japanese artists working with bamboo in the United States. 

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